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Hex Campaign


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The Story So Far

Escape from Prison Finding themselves in prison, our players escape through no ingenuity of their own

Nicking Stuff The first mistake was letting an island of people have their own stores

Novice Pirating Guns repaired, the group tries out their first attempt at full on swashbuckling

Missing Maps A ship boarded, a warehouse looted and a coin game fixed

Hallow End A the party is confronted but the undead pirate ghosts and almost get wiped out

Investigating a Turtle On the way to Skull Cove, our party stops to investigate a dead giant turtle on the shore and meet with a sticky end

Following the trail of the map Finally at Skull Cove, we start a bar brawl, attack some bodyguards and loot a cellar, splitting the party to do so all at the same time

The story of a man and his cannon After fleeing a bar brawl, chased by dozens of guards, we briefly flirt with danger and the Captains massive cannon

We finally follow the map Turns out we had the map afterall, who would have thought the guy to nicks all the stuff out of chests nicked all the stuff out of the chest

The ship is missing! The ships dead! Long live the ship!

Christmas time in... hell? Gifts freely given by magical sea hags CAN'T be bad right? Right?.... Right!?

From the Depths! Sky's old turtle friend has FINALLY managed a full sentence... gotta be good news!

It's a bird! Or.. nope, lets ignore this, it sounds silly! The one where the party takes a 90 degree side step around the entire campaign and forces me to thrown some maps up on the fly

The Villa de Suul heist Finally we nick a lot of stuff from the Villa de Suul

Therapy Shopping The one where our party goes shopping then discusses a chest full of water for half an hour

Crossing the Jungle Party is split and mostly get lost in the jungle

A ship in the jungle and zombies The party enters an overwhelming battle and is underwhelmed

The one where the crew tries their new toys Brand new ship everyone is flush with cash and we go shopping and killing

    Tony fondly remembers a simpler time
    While hiding in the box on the way to the warehouse they want to rob, Tony remembers an old mission fondly

Flush with loot our party FINALLY leaves the island they have been bombarding They don't get far though cause someone has it out for them!

We discover there was actually someone BEHIND all the parties misfortune Actually, there really was! The party side stepped every, single time however without noticing them

The wall at the end of the world Welcome to the middle of the campaign!


The other side of the wall Our players discover what is on the other side of the wall!

Picking up transport We hitch a ride with some rats

Where some androids are apparently an issue? The Planet God, who ever that is, is apparently worried about some androids or something... who knows

With some additions the party investigates Cell Cell, once a party member but now the hunted

Following leads, the party meets some rats and are ambushed They don't really remember who the ambushers was though and just shove 20 feet of led into his spleen (Ok they may have remembered him a little)

Once more unto the beach (to mis-coin a phrase) Finally the good oak decks beneath ones feet and out party sails the 3 winds once more!

Welease the kwaken! Got ship, released poor dragonborn, went shopping, and looted some stuff for ship.

Air Pirates! Sounding far sexier than it is in reality, our crew are now AIR PIRATES!

Treasure Hunt Faced with the option to pirate and take over a new ship, the crew find themselves in a cargo hold, and all they need to do is put out a few fires. Will they? (TLDR, no)

A TPK? Listening to the voices in his head, Fletcher attempts his best to TPK (No saving throw) the entire party

Finally we wrap up all, some, a couple of the dangling plot threads and see if the party live a long,. happy life? (Narrator: No.. no they don't)

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