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Hex Campaign


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The following maps are freely available for your personal use!

All maps are WEBP for better compression.

Medieval and rural settings

Rural tavern and brewery
Just a fallen tree, did anyone hear it?
Nice pond with flowers
Green pond with flowers
Pond with flowers... at night
A path through the forest
Someone having a bite to eat in a secluded dale
Someone having a (evening) bite to eat in a secluded dale
A different pond, during the day, I like ponds!
Same pond, less light
Ruins of a winery, above ground section
A trap filled winery basement

Just weird but natural

Strange organic pods, sacrifices in a nice forest


Nice place for an ambush, trucks
An interment camp, walls and tents, day
An interment camp, walls and tents, night
An interment camp, walls and tents, attacked by some STRANGE plants
A street corner, cafe, some shops
Same street corner filled with nasty, nasty plants

Underground bunker

The above ground section of a military bunker
One of the levels, ship repair
Command center of bunker where something has gone terribly wrong
Bottom floor of bunker, computer systems, overgrown with alien plants


Space Stations and constructions

Section of a Cluster Ship, built from parts of other ships
A hanger containing some ships being repaired
Space station Grue, built into an asteroid
Same space station after an attack
Mines of aforementioned space station
Mines of space station after someone set the drones to Mine Organic Eyeballs
Garage of the asteroid base, some ships, cars, nice place

Space ships

Bio-organic space ship built by a magical race
Medical tech ship built by a race that likes to harvest other peoples organs
Fairly basic attack helicopter, pretty plan map
A basic shuttle, outside, no internals

Crashed Chuppe Shipp

Outside view of a crashed space ship (bio-organic Chuppe vessel
Inside cockpit view map of the front section of the crashed craft
Inside map of the tail section

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