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Kamis Story

We last saw Kami the Immortal on Clanholm, leaving Cor and the rest of the party behind as he searched for more information on his past. Once the Elder of the Clan village had died, he realized there was no more he could learn here and decided to travel further into the wilds, following rumors of a new people that appeared as large, tattooed giants, killing and destroying everyone they encountered.

Only weeks later, he stumbled across the devastation left behind by the tattooed giants. Village after village left behind in ruins and everyone gone or dead. Looking as he did however, those few survivors that he did encounter either fled in terror or immediately attacked him, so little information as to what was happening could be gained.

In fact the attacks became more and more frequent, and by larger and more well armed groups until Kami began to be forced back in a desperate attempt to survive.

It was during one of these attacks that he met the Courier. A strange individual, seemingly a normal looking man, but with amazing power at his fingertips. He quickly and easily overpowered Kami but then halted the battle, calming the mob that had bee pursuing him, and getting them to leave quietly. There was something about this man that made you implicitly trust him, it seemed suspicious but Kami let him talk.

The story was an strange one. Two interstellar civilizations, one of machines, one of magic, endlessly warring with each other. Both using proxy races to fight their battles. Lesser races (to them) that they elevated from whatever primordial ooze they found them in, and bound them to their service.

The magical race, known as the Chuppe fought on the one side, using a race of giants, a peaceful civilization they had discovered in their travels, bound to their will with magical tattoos and used as a shock troop for their conquests. These had to be Kami's people.

The courier followed their enemy, a race of Artificial Intelligent machines. They, according to the Courier, claimed to be more benevolent, helping other lesser races and in return these races assisted them in their war against the Chuppe.

He also offered information that Kami much desired. Where he came from, his planet, his people. And even hints that perhaps the bond to the Chuppe could be broken. For Kami and even, perhaps, his entire people.

There was a price however, there was an expedition to a distance star system, one where the secrets to the precursor races could be found. It was the knowledge of these ancient races that was being fought over. The oldest alien civilizations known, the first races, who had vanished from the galaxy thousands of years ago, but whose technology was still eagerly sought after.

The main problem was the exact location had not yet been discovered, but there were some hints, and a scout ship with a small crew was to be sent towards the likely location to try and get there before the enemy.

Kami agreed, seeing the best opportunity to discover his past and unlock his chains, but the trip proved a disaster.

On arrival at their destination, his ship was attacked by unknown forces and crashed on a frozen planet.

All others in the small crew perished in the crash, and Kami was near death when he discovered a small wreck frozen in the snow. Using the remains of a collection of automated robots and the shelter of an ancient space ship, Kami survived the inhospitable wasteland for many months, alive, but trapped.

His explorations of the nearby area found little of interest and certainly no answers, but recently he uncovered what appeared to be the hulk of an almost intact spaceship. Inert and un-powered... but functional!

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