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Kami the Immortal (Missing in Action)

A Tough Warrior that Grows to Towering Heights and Fears the End

Has since taken the Long walk searching for more information about his past. Location currently unknown

Tiny folk do not know how good they have it. They do not carry the load of the burden of time. They complete their entire lifetime in under a century. Maybe tree or mountain folk can even last a century or two. But all of them will age, wither and die.

Giants do not fear death. They crave it. How many eons can a giant sit in a spot where it could just be mistaken for another mountain. How long do they remain trapped in their huge heads. how long does it take for years to turn into months, months turn into days and days just turn into seconds.

All that time, with nothing to do. It would be maddening. Or that's what I think it would feel like.

I do not remember much before I was one of those slumbering beasts the size of lakes.What I do remember was that I was scared. I was afraid to die, and to this day I still do not know why.

I remember a…. Tiny folk, But even smaller. I remember a deal… and then searing pain. The type of pain that makes you regret ever being alive….. A pain that I imagine what dying will be like…. A pain I will never forget. The next thing I knew I was waking up in a cave, having all these marks on my body and stepping into a world that was nothing I remember.

I have been wandering these lands only a fraction of the time that I have been alive but this was the only time I have ever started living. For being tiny brings thing into a more ironically bigger prespective. Now I see the value of these tiny folks' lives, how each one of them were more complex than all the giants combined. I love it. Yet being tiny has also come with a price…. Time.

Even now my memories have started to fade. How I cannot remember faces that I used to adore. Voices that used to bring me joy fade into distance. Relationships I used to have are now just another speck in this never ending life.

I still fear death, every single day. But I also fear forgetting, losing my mind and looking back into a the mirror as a stranger. The question is, when will the fear of forgetting surpass the fear of death.


tl;dr used to be one of the ancient giants of the land, before their disappearance. Made a deal with a halfling which turn guy into a small folk. Woke up some hundreds of years later. Experience life as tiny folks for a few dozens years and now is already starting to forget stuff. Also guy is super afraid of dying.

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