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The warrior formerly known as Stitz

A Foolish Warrior who Never says Die

Cor wandered into the village a season before our story started, a huge gaping hold on the side of his head, partially healed, and no knowledge of who he was. He was named "Cor" since that was the only word he could say.

The Elder Shaman Moonshine recognized his clothing as a terrible enemy that often hunted villagers and destroyed everything except the metal disk he found around his neck. Premonition told him Cor was not a danger and in fact could one day save everyone.

Cor was unable to speak but was otherwise able to function by himself.

We eventually discovered he was part of a military organization that was technologically much more advanced than the villagers had any concept of. We also (didn't) discover (because no one investigated it) but the military unity often abducted people from these small villagers to bolster their army. A simply method of recruiting.

Cor discovered a military stockpile and discovered he was an adept rifleman, arming himself with a assault rifle. Slowly over time we also discovered a crash site where Cor has been injured many seasons ago. He also remembered his true name, Stitz.

Sadly, Cor/Stitz followed his own path searching for the truth and was lost to the wilderness. Perhaps never to return.

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