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Awakening finding almost no-one left around he recognized and reeking of fish, Stoop stumbled around a but to discover Cor? had left to find more traces of his past and Kami had just.. well left.

Finding another of the villagers that was getting tired of just hanging around called Nymerian, the two were quickly assaulted by the Invers who demanded they kept control of the tribals who were apparently causing havoc, mostly due to not understanding the concept of money.

The two were also pushed into performing the "work" that had been required for the safe passage of the refugees.

They agreed, and the first job was checking the local foresters.

The pair had an idea that maybe they could offer the villagers as labor and perhaps get money and even wood as part of the deal so they could build their own houses.

But before this could happen, they were witness to a terrible accident. A badly felled tree came down on some foresters, right before their very eyes.

Leaping into action, some muscles, some magic and a lot of healing and the happy forest crew gladly accepted the offer of more labor in the form of health village adults

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