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Following Cor (again)

Once it was apparent that the villagers were doing well, they were working well in the forest helping source wood for the town and the tribals had worked out how to may for goods and services, Nymerian once more followed on the trail left behind by Cor as he went off searching for information about his past.

Birdsabove had joined in, helping track down the area where Cor believed he had been injured.

Many days later the party found what had to be the ruins of the craft in which Cor had crashed to earth.

Eagerly searching for clues, the party failed to notice a native forest worm had made a nest inside the wreck. A short, and brutal battle later, and the group crushed the last of the poor creatures eggs beneath their heels, and they started searching the craft fopr clues about Cors past.

Given the age of the crash, there was little left. It became apparent that others had been here before them and taken all"the good stuff" so to speak.

They did find some new maps that gave them a better idea where to go next, as well as a transcript from a hidden device, attached deep in the crafts systems,. impossible to find unless those systems had been exposed to the world during the crash!

Trasscript from hidden device

$17.45.12 fast fixed - Flight communication transcript - intercept %51FP5090HQ@

Voice (identified Flight Commander Lavis) : Wheels up. Flight time 25.

Voice (identified Group Captain Stitz) : Right. Everyone keep an eye out, we're gonna be over bugeye territory in 5. They've been active last few weeks.

Lavis : Roger

Voice (identified Gunner Sergeant Holms) : (laughing) Hah. Bugs not gonna even see us at this height cap. Right over their heads. Zoooom.

Stitz: Stow it Holms and eyes down. Bugs got magic enough to smoke your massive arse from last week


Voice (identified Private Gaulwai) : Hey Capitan. You decided what you gonna do with that thing you said? The archive thing?

Stitz: no... no... hey Commander you manage to ask the command about it yet?

Voice (Identified Sub-Commander Yui. #cont 51g4) : Ahh well... [Intercept control system instantiate override neural class 5] boss was busy with the reports from remote recon and the bugs showing up. I'll bring it up in debrief tonight.

Stitz: yeah ok. Sure com. [Warning. Voice status indicates escalating suspicion levels]

Yui: They'll listen, don't worry Captain. Probably just corrupt data anyway. Like I said before.

Stitz: (grunt) [severe warning. Subject responses indicate outside expected protocol range. Activate secondary response action]

Yui: [Intercept control system. Action enable eClame beacon. Break seal]

Gaulwai: But it you said it was about kids wasn't it Captain? How could that be bad data. Taking them or som....

Yui: [Intercept control system.] That's enough private. Command will deal with it. Outside your pay grade anywa...


[Control link Yui#51g4 lost.]

[Intercept terminated]

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