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Run Away! (Or not.... )

Nothing like the brand new space craft smell...

After rummaging through the stolen treasures from the cathedral they'd recently explored, we next turned our attention to the obvious, a newly acquired spaceship, a Chuppe Medium Interceptor...

Slowly discovering and learning about the ship systems, weapons, piloting, science and engineering, everyone slowly discovered new skills and despite some HORRENDOUS luck, eventually started mastering control over it.

Unfortunately, a rather bad first attempt at scanning the nearby system discovered they were being tracked by some much larger craft, but also failed to discovered a safe sanctuary a short distance away at a local space station.

First attempting to flee the attackers, our group found itself cornered with waves of missiles headed their way. And as cornered animals often do, they turned towards their far superior attackers, and with bared teeth threw themselves head on at certain death.

Despite some clever attempts it was quickly apparent that their control over the new ship was not as complete as they thought and many missiles made it through their defenses, massively damaging their weapons systems.

There was some respite from the attack at least when a hacking effect on one of the attackers was spectacularly successful and they managed to redirect it's navigation into the nearby sun.

Still outgunned however, the group decided that it was better to fight face to face than over stellar distances where they were weakest, and they rammed the enemy ship directly with a idea to board.

Successfully beyond their wildest imaginations, the group, along with several marine soldiers from the now destroyed wreck of the Refuge of Light that had raised them from Clanholm, boarded the enemy Chuppe Destroyer, MUCH to the surprise of the crew.

Catching them by surprise, the boarding party managed to slaughter most of the defenders almost instantly, but sill the alarm went up and a defense team if Chuppe Immortals responded quickly.

Taking advantage of the delay the group tried to hack into the systems and sabotage as much of the ship as they could.

First attempts proved to be hard to determine as a success, blowing out all the airlocks. It worked, but who was IN those areas at the time was a mystery.

A second try proved more successful, tapping into their original ships computers and accessing the weapons systems.

While these were terribly damaged, there was still enough power that a single shot, point black into the side of the destroyer. temporarily opened a hole which sucked most of the defenders (and a few marines) out into space.

This whittled the defenses down to one easily managed Immortal and allowed a second point of attack, uploading the Remnant Mind into the Chuppe system, with the hope that Bookie retrained enough control over the mind and allow them to control it.

A close call too, since apparently the second ship sent into the sun had not actually been destroyed, just badly. Catching them by surprise, it fired upon their original Interceptor ship and destroyed it.

Decimus and the marines explored the rest of the ship while this was going on and cleaned up the remaining defenders with a single Cypher. an explosive Hunter/Seeker drone, panting the walls red.

The remnant Bookie takeover proved harder than they liked however, and with only one chance remaining the mind managed to take control over the vessel, and quickly they turned their new prizes weapons against the second ship, which still assumed them to be a friendly.

It took several shots, the utter failure to open the missile bay doors before firing the missiles, and allowing the Remnant Bookie to take a shot and the damaged ship was eventually dispatched.

New ship, new sensors, and we FINALLY find the trade space station, nestled in the ionizing clouds on the outskirts of the system, and it is there we head.

The Space station Grue, a small trade outpost in the edge of the system. Rules, few, don't fight, don't steal, and... after only seconds after our party boards the station, a new rule is added, don't hack the stations systems.

Trade proved difficult for the party since they had little use to use their words, so with some magic and some technology, they traded the same thing a few times to the same poor guy, wiping his memory and computer while they sold various humanoid body parts to a robot with no sense of taste.

Always on the lookout for someway to swap their magical ship for something less finicky, they were approached by a creature that promised a possible bargain, if only they follow them deeper into the mines to meet the ... Boss....

The mines proved to be a honey pot to bees when the party partially abandoned any pretense at commerce and started ripping off everything not nailed down, lasers, mining robots....

The alien, unperturbed since there was nothing to trade anyway, nicked off down a drain at the first chance and activated the robots "MINE THE ORGANICS INSTEAD" programming

Likewise unperturbed the party proceeded to nick everything else not nailed down, robots, alien microwaves, lasers... it turned into less a FIGHT and more a Black Friday shopping event.

Satiated they returned to the surface to discover the base had been attacked in the meanwhile... dead everywhere, the station striped bare, everything gone...

including their ship...

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