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Our rather bizarre adventures today started simply enough, with a meeting the courier to hand over the package the party had previously collected from the cluster ship.

The designated co-ordinates were just outside the solar system, a 2 week subjective (1 hour objective time) trip so some work was done by the various members upgrading themselves and working on the ship systems.

On arrival at a seemingly empty system, they were quickly contacted by a small one person craft and boarded by one of the most beautiful people any of them had ever seen (although some scanning indicated that some of his attraction was due to the cloud of pheromones and other chemicals he was exuding into the atmosphere)

Quickly getting to the point, the party was rewarded and the Courier searched the crate they had brought on board, finding what appeared to be a book which was apparently the desired item. Unfortunately, while searching a trap was sprung in the version of a some sort of strange flower which fell out of the box and blossomed. Seeing this, the courier quickly left (easily I might add, ignoring any attempts by the crew to stop him) and warned them to prepare for attack.

Since they had discovered and destroyed the flower quickly, the attack was delayed allowing them time to spool up the jump engines, although not time enough to jump before the pursuing Chuppe craft arrived.

Despite hiding in one of the asteroid valleys, they were eventually discovered and boarded by a few Chuppe warriors, but some perceptive use of the venting systems and opening the cargo bay doors quickly vented the invaders into space and they jumped back towards the next location on Clanholm

Once landed (in a ship missing various doors I might add) Skyslicer? was horrified to discover he recognized some nearby ruins near the target site from his previous life, his home? His past?

We explored a few iterations of the past, apparently fractured during what looked to be a Chuppe weapon, similar to ones that had bombarded the capitals city weeks ago.

Skyslicer was forced to relive the death of his younger brother who had died in a well (and now saved?)

Also the day he was abducted by the military where he refused to allow his sister from being taken in his stead.

And finally the attack on the family home by the Chuppe which the group defended.

In the background, some of the group decided to explore this concept of time by murdering one of Skyslicers family, butchering them into spare parts and taunting him with the parts once they returned to their own time (also exhuming the corpse to confirm what that had done actually happened, which it had)

This cause some.... friction.... and several rounds of close combat entailed while everyone tried to not kill each other but really, really wanted to....

And we never made it to the next location the team was sent to.. it's like... 500 meters away!

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