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Capital City, Southern Continent, Planet Clanholm : Durim

The legislative and financial capital of the region (Hillsand, southern region of the Northern Continent)

Contains the administrative offices for the local and regional government as well as banking and financial systems for the continent.

Also headquarters of military defense for the region, including a small standing defense force of approximately 5000 soldiers and small air force.

Type: Capital City

Population: 200,000

Currency: Slides

  1. Central Military command and military barracks. Interim landing pad for orbital ships and services the small standing air force until the work on the Airbase is complete (currently in cost over runs and delays, ETA unknown)
  2. Consisting of several play houses, some galleries and a variety of stone masons, this is what Durim citizens consider a good night out.There are plans in place to build a precinct for eateries and bars. These plans have been placed on hold due to budget cuts and cost overruns, ETA unknown.
  3. Southern Entrance, flanked by two of the strange towers that are seen dotted around the city. Tourists are always amazed by the viscous water-like fluid that surrounds these ancient looking towers.Locals scoff, but are just as curious about these structures about which so little is known to the general public. [See military defense initiative "Glorious Pointy Things"]
  4. The largest cathedral on the continent.Built 1000 years ago by a mad king over a period of 70 years, the building all but bankrupted the kingdom that once resided here. It is now a major tourist attraction and draws people from all over the world to marvel at the rude graffiti carved by the unpaid, and angry, builders as well as the massive windows made of a rare type of transparent rock
  5. A light industrial area.While most industry takes place far from the city center in the outer suburbs, some light industry still takes place here.It is slowly being phased out but due to cost overruns and delays, there is currently no ETA for the move.
  6. This large and impressive arch forms a gateway over what was once the primary entrance to Durim from the North.Built by an egocentric ruler, the city fell to a invading enemy days after the construction was finished and the leader was hung from the gate and his body displayed for several days before succumbing to his final fate in the tar pits.Now it gets nearly two dozen complaints a month from transport companies about how it is too small to get larger vehicles through, and they have to go the long way around.
  7. Once an ancient arena used for terrible blood sports, this building was reconstructed from ruins over many years, funded in part by a public trust set up by interested citizens.Many types of interesting and extremely engaging sporting events are held here.
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