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Remnant of a Chuppe Mind (In the head of Bookie)

Level: Medium Tier

Form: He never learned to "Not Touch", did he?

A remnant of a Chuppe Ship mind resides in the head of your unfortunate companion, after all there seems to be plenty of room... now.

You are unsure what remains of the original person, but for now only the Chuppe Mind responds. The Mind seems to be able to control the body it now finds itself in, shambling around, staring blankly about, but you are unsure how much true intelligence it has either.

You can provide directions or basic orders, and the body will obey, but it seems to have very little instinct for self preservation.

Damaged beyond repair in the crash and seemingly no longer sentient, the Mind still contains great secrets if only you know the questions. To ask presents risks however, and asking the wrong question, or even asking the right question the wrong way could damage both the body, and the Mind.

Effect: Formulate a question you want to ask and roll Intellect. The questions can be anything but "What is the origin of the universe" is unlikely to be answered where as "how did you get to this place" is more likely to work.

On a roll of 1 the Mind Revolts, the body takes 1d4+2 Intellect damage, suffering terribly. The Mind is depleted twice, and no answers are forthcoming

On a roll of 20, the information you seek is provided (as the difficulty level in the table below) but the mind is not Depleted

26Your question is answered in broad terms, and only basic information is provided
412You gain a full answer to your question and all the public details on the topic
618You gain extra information over and above what you asked (but still on the same topic). Includes any secret or hidden information for higher security personal
824You gain all the information you asked about and extra information about a similar type of question (which you can choose after the roll)
1030You gain all the information you asked about but also a deep locked secret is revealed that even the Mind itself was not aware it knew about. Secrets about the origins of the various races, or locations of lost races. You may choose the area of the secret you are interested in as the Mind connection has become almost transparent to you at this point

Depletion: Digging through the remnants memories also takes a toll on the dying Mind and you can see it slipping away every time you ask something.

Eventually, it seems it will just fade away, what will remain of your companion, you do not know.

Every question Depletes the Mind by 1 point. On a roll of 1 that increases to 2. On a roll of 20 no depletion happens.

Asking too many questions in quick succession will hinder the next and subsequent questions until a full day has passed.

If the body containing the Remnant loses all intellect, the Mind will die. The body can be healed or regain intellect as normal.

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