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doctors on call

The next job that the Invers had recommended was reporting to a small ruin in the area where some explorers had apparently sent message they required medical help.

Since Nymerian was an excellent healer they decided to check it out

When they arrived however there was no one around. Some basic exploration determined one of the apparent explorers had come to a sticky end at the bottom of a pit trap. It appeared someone had tried to save them, but with no luck.

The only other exit was down...

The basement of the ruin was no picnic either, one room after another that the pair explored, contained one, then another dead body, traps (all now spent) and diggings where someone had mined through the walls to reach their prize.

One room stymied them where poison was constant pouring out of vents in the walls so the pair pressed on elsewhere.

Finally, the reached the great treasure at the end of the ruin, a cellar filled with wine (and the last dead body)

They retrieved a bottle each, and decided to open the door to the gas vent room, hopefully letting all the gas out so they could explore further and the gas pouring out, they were forced to flee outside once more.

They waited a bit... and a bit more...then they left with their two bottles of wine....rumors are the gas is still venting out today

As a reward, the pair popped open the bottles and enjoyed a relaxing evening by the fire with their friends.

(On an unrelated note, the two discarded wine bottles were found in the trash the next day and later sold by a peddler for the price of a small castle. Had the bottles been full, it was noted, he could have bought a small Kingdom instead. He retired a wealthy at any rate.)

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