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After following the trail of Cor to find where he had originated, we discovered he had come from an advanced military base far to the north of the village. Apparently betrayed by someone at the base and shot down by magical attack while traveling,  he had suffered terrible injuries and memory loss during the crash. The memories did come back a little, he learned how to use his weapons once more, but much was lost.

Reaching the base, the party was captured by the soldiers there but despite being almost ordered to be executed as spies, the officer in charge froze in mid speech and apparently changed his mind, instead ordering them to be accompanied by a guard, and given food and beds.

For a few days they ate and rested and worked as soldiers in on the base, filling in sandbags and doing manual labor. It was only when the few magical members became so sick that they were no longer able to eat the base food, did they realize something was amiss, they had NOT been soldiers for months or years, but in fact had were only there for a few days. Eventually almost everyone in the party stopped eating the base food, and with clear minds they used magical 4th sight and realized there was something alive, and malevolent at the lower levels of the base.

With some effort, especially trying to convince the party members that were still under the influence of the tainted base food to follow, they discovered the entire command staff long dead, trapped inside locked rooms and killed either by their own hand or by some unknown force.

Deeper still, in the base central power level, they discovered a infestation of plant like creatures covering and controlling the computers, and thus the rest of the base. They found, and apparently killed, a strange pulsating object that must have been the controller, or central brain, or... well they just killed it before much could be learned.

Unfortunately, while fighting, they also accidentally set the main base power to self-destruct, and were unable to disable it.

Luckily one of them knew how to drive, so they stole a vehicle and fled the base, which soon exploded destroying all that failed to flee.

Events to take an even stranger turn, when instead of being able to celebrate, the party (and all in the nearby area) saw a flash of light in the sky, some sort of large object burning up as it fell from the heavens. Our intrepid party repaired their vehicle and guided by a member who had excellent knowledge of the area, they tracked down the object.

This turned out to be some sort of crashed building, or vehicle, larger than any had seen, exuding great magic.

Exploring it, we found the same strange plant like creatures their controlling brains that were on the base (which injured due to the crash, died quickly).

The larger part of the craft proved more difficult, with some automated defenses proving difficult to deal with and the damaged parts of the power system causing problems with the too adventurous.

The party did finally reach the tail of the craft, the remains of a Class B Medium Combat interceptor and short range scout (which was what this was, a party member who used a cypher to learn the language of the builders of this thing finally deciphered. The language of a race known as the Chuppe)

At the tail was where we discovered the remains of several large humans, giants if you will. Some two or three times larger than most humans. The first was too charred to identify, killed by a errant power system damaged in the crash, but the second was killed my more mundane means, falling wreckage and was identifiable Only Nymerian had seen these people before, and only once. The eyes, the face, the size, the tattoos. This being was a kinsman of Kami the Immortal. And he did not seem to be from this planet.

A final search of the crash site revealed a strange pedestal on which was inscribed the Chuppe word for Knowledge. Several tried to use the machine, only one succeeded, only to fall into unconsciousness and then had to be physically pulled off the machine. Terrible burns covered his hand where he touched it the strange machine. Parts of words or letters in Chuppe.

He is yet to awaken....

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