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with not enough food stored for winter, out party is sent to fetch... THE FISH!

Things for the village were turning grim, despite returning with some healing herbs for the Snowfall brothers, the fishers from Seafar has not yet returned with the seasons catch, so Kami and Stoop(being the first returned) were sent off with Birdsabove to find out what was going on.

After a short and uneventful journey, we discovered Seafar deserted except for a few cowardly dog like scavengers that were more likely to flee than attack. Allowing them to do so and avoiding conflict the party searched the village and found noting amiss.

While some of the boats were missing, there was no sign of any great battle or tragedy.

Fairly quickly, with Birdsabove help, a light was discovered off on one of the small islands just off shore. Birdsabove confirmed there was a large group of people, some she recognized ion the island along with the remains of a large boat they seemed to be repairing.

Deciding to leave Birdsabove behind (she was terrified of the sea) and taking the largest boat remaining, the party set off across the small channel towards the island.

It became apparent soon after setting sale on the tiny boat that:

  1. Neither of the two party members knew ANYTHING about boats
  2. The boat was not big enough for giant Kami
  3. and there was something in the water trying to either break the boat or know them off it into the water

Of course, since the fish/animal whatever it was seemed to be attempting to knock the party into the water the logical thing as to jump in themselves, which Kami did.

Apparently it is very difficult to grapple or melee a fish while swimming in the sea so the party tried the next best thing, push the boat towards the shore while swimming.

Either it was an old boat, or Kami didn't know his strength but my the time we got to shore there was not much left of the vessel, having lost both oars, destroyed the sail and torn the stern of the boat off while pushing it. But we made it to shore and discovered the lost fisherman, all safe and healthy.

It seemed they had got caught up in a strong wind while fishing and been driven onto this island, damaging the boat. While they managed most of the repairs, raising the mast had proven difficult, but now the giant Kami had arrived, we soon finished the repairs and returned to the main land.

Once there, the fishermen showed the party where they had buried the preserved fish to protect from local wildlife and the group prepared to return home.

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