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so then we abandoned everyone to their squishy deaths

Party divided, we found ourselves in the doomed city of Durim, crystal stars raining down everywhere and horrible, horrible plants rising up where they fall. Deeper within the darkness, vine like beings are also lurking.

Having their Succulent Durim meal and latte interrupted, Nymerian and Skyslicer quickly fled back towards the military barracks with the intention of boarding the spacecraft and getting the hell off this rock.

They paused momentarily to help a local officer in power armor whose armor was failing due to the overwhelming magic in the area emitting from the crystals. With great zealousness and prodigious use of Shatter they freed the man from his damaged suit, while at the same time pureeing him inside with the shrapnel.

Whistling innocently, the pair vanished into the night....

Meanwhile Sazin dragging along the Remnant Mind residing in the head of Bookie, former party member and Decimus escaped the now destroyed internment camp. With surprising lack of grace, the trio managed to stumble, run into, accidentally wake up and fall over every... single... enemy on the way out of the camp. The fact they had any teeth left by the end was a surprise!

(OOC: Rolls 1, 1, 5, 1, 2 and 1 all in a row)

Survive they did however, and hearing news from a the remaining ranking officers from command that the city Cathedral was under attack, the party rushed to the defense, mostly because Decimus rushed on ahead.

Nymerian managed to catch up with the group, Far Stepping across the city from above, but unfortunately abandoning Skyslicer in the city melee below. He vanished into the chaos below.

No time to worry about missing party members, the group soon gathered at the Cathedral with the remains of the military that had followed them. Everything seemed in a bad way, and after clearing the entrance of some rather sad, stumbling blue guys (who seemed to pose little threat at this point) we queried the Remanent Mind in Bookie to discover this was the result of a Chuppe weapon, one sent down a sentient mind to the planet below and let it build a mobile body from the materials around it. Once complete the device would rampage, destroying what it could, and controlling the less independent creatures or beings it managed to capture.

Inside the fetid building wasn't much better.

Almost immediately we discovered that some of the oozing flesh walls were able to detach itself and, sloppily ooze themselves around, attacking and poisoning anything they could grab. We lost two of the remaining soldiers early on to some fleshy tentacle thing that was hiding behind a door. The remaining soldiers were ordered to protect our escape route as we pressed further into the temple.

Worryingly, in between battling blue glowing humans which appeared to be getting more and more capable as the Chuppe created creature became stronger, we also heard the crying of children somewhere deep within.

Despite their better judgment, the party followed the noises and found the three youngsters, barefooted, dressed in white nightgowns, blanks stares and occasional sobs. Sazin being the least bad at dealing with people (and despite calls to fireball them from orbit) finally managed to convince the group to follow him, but otherwise got nothing out of them. With soulless eyes and blank stares the three followed the party deeper and deeper into the maze of flesh.

Eventually the group found the source of the creature at the end of a twisty passage. Another type of crystal, buried deep within the ground.

The party cut a path over several minutes, but despite having a good view of the crystal, lacked any good methods of destroying it. Even worse all their digging had attracted remaining creatures that they had missed, so in a last ditch attempt to protect themselves, they inflated a large stone tent from one of the cyphers they carried, blocking the entrance to the room, keeping everything out and them.. in.

Using this lull, the group grabbed one of their last cyphers, a Hunter Killer dart, and set it upon the crystal, quickly destroying it. Unfortunately, the temple was now no longer being held up by the magic of the creature, so the party once more erected another magical rock tent and at the last second, fled inside.

Hours later, having surviving the collapse, they dug themselves out the made once more towards the spaceport. Once they got out the three (perfectly normal, and traumatized kids) ran for their lives and vanished into the dying city. Presumably to also die...

At the command center they found the last rush of people trying to get into the large spaceship they had seen earlier. Apparently protected by some sort of energy field the ship was unscathed and ready to launch. They had no trouble boarding in all the chaos, but the launch did not go well, as the ship apparently came under attack as they took to the sky and after a rough 30 minutes, the deathly silence suggested they had not won the battle.

After some exploration we discovered the following:

  1. When we looked out some of the windows, we could see lot of the rest of the ship was missing
  2. The command center was intact, but apart from a few marine soldiers, all the command crew was dead
  3. The engines didn't seem to be part of the ship anymore, and we could see them float off into the distance out of one of the aforementioned holes
  4. Skyslicer was somewhat pissed off we had left him on the planet to die and had made it to the ship himself
  5. and lastly, there was another spaceship hanging off the bow of this ship, with nasty looking weapons pointed at us.

After some exploration, and some attempt to communicate with the alien ship outside (which caused them to float somewhat closer) Nymerian elected to leave the hulk of what was left of this ship and see if he could get into the other.

A recent magical adaptation gave him the ability to survive in vacuum, and a recent magical spell gave him the ability to fire a short range ray that could direct himself a small amount.

What he was not given was knowledge of space and he popped out of the spacecraft door he opened like a bullet from a barrel and vanished into space in front of everyone at high speed and accelerating rapidly.

Left behind, the remaining party tried a few things but otherwise had no luck at communicating further with the aliens. They got the computers working on emergency power but all it showed was the rest of this ship was a ruined hulk and almost certainly the only ones alive were the ones standing in this very room.

Unbeknownst to everyone Nymerian had actually managed to gain better control over his movement and with practice he had managed to redirect himself towards the alien ship (though a last minute bit of hubris and he slammed into the alien ship airlock at high speed rather than the graceful glide he intended)

Realizing the runes on the door must be magical marks explaining how the doors worked, he deciphered everything and eventually managed to open the door, REALLY surprising one of the crew who had been on the side, wondering what the banging noise had been. They popped out of the now open airlock at high speed and vanished into the distance, accelerating rapidly.

Nymerian entered.

After a brief and frank discussion between Nymerian and the remaining crew person about their difference of opinions (the primary opinion being "Where the hell did you come from and where is my friend that was sitting next to me a few moments ago?"), our party became the proud owner of a Chuppe Attack class scout (light) and a partially dismantled corpse.

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