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Hex Campaign


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We leave Cor/Stitz.. again

While Cor poured over the maps of the crashed craft, Nymerian decided to explore the area further to see if they could find traces of the people that had looted the craft already.

It wasn't long before we came across a suspicious river crossing with a dead body on the far side.

Throwing caution to the wind we crossed the river. Of course it was a trap. And thus we got introduced to the pointy end of the arrows of the E^Clame

Nymerian quickly deduced that a raw combat with him and Birdsabove (hiding in the bushes) versus a dozen armed foes was now inn their best interest and surrendered.

They were taken back to the river camp where after MUCH waving and gesticulating, the party managed to get some sort of communication going with the renegade bandit group. Sensing something was wrong, Nymerian managed to get into one of the nearby tents and perform some healing arts on a wounded E^Clame inside, saving their life.

This turned the attitude of their captors around completely and they were quickly embraced and thanks by the group.

Night past, food was consumed and fun was had. Nymerian explored the camp a bit, discovered archery, learned how to shoot a bow and uin a STUNNING good luck proved to be very good at it and gained new skills (and a bow)

Come morning, farewells were said (new languages having been learned) and we returned to the crash site only to find it deserted and signs showing that Cor had moved off already towards the what the maps called "Forward base Gammon"

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