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All great adventures start out small, and in this case, it started with a children game.

Stoop, Cor, Kami and Bambino all started their life in the small village known to them as ClanholmVillage (same as the plant, lot smaller)

As part of a group of outsiders, some physically having discovered the been taken in by the tribe, the others due to their behavior, our party tended to do most things together. Including play a nice game of stinky ball!

Game Name: Stinky Ball

Equipment: Two holes, one ball inflated bladder of a local seaweed that often was found washed up on the beach

Rules: Put the ball inflated bladder in a hole. Repeat.

Other rules: None

While this was never considered a team game by the children of village, generally groups would naturally form. The Snowfall brothers (triplets) would always form a group, and others would likewise follow suite.

Our party sort of formed a group, but tended towards one that didn't actually communicate this so played as if they were playing solo, confusing everyone.

Several, such as Kami may have also forgotten their great strength and the fact that everyone else was a child tending towards ultra-violence and several injuries.

While some of the other players (Birdsabove for example) did try a few tricks such as minor magical jinxes to try and sway the the game in their favor, they were unprepared to meet a full kitted adventuring party tailored towards combat.

End results:

  • Birdsabove injured and taken off the field (Broken nose, broken cheek, crushed orbital socket. Unconscious, concussion)
  • Snowfall #1 injured and taken off the field. (Broken leg and crushed knee cap)
  • Snowfall #2 injured and taken off the field (Various including damage to eye)
  • Teeth injured and taken off the field (Various injuries, unconscious, concussion)
  • 2 Goals scored : Stoop

Game win: Party

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