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Finally we are ready the head towards the system locations our benefactors have decided on.

The parties (un-named) ship has been repaired, with new communications devices added, a bay with a ground vehicle built in the belly and many blisters added along the outside filled with communications and sensor equipment.

Equipment is also provided to extract the Bookie mind from the parties noggins and a new upgraded computer installed to hold him.

After some last minute shopping, and being thrown out of the Jump ship at extremely high warp towards the destination, the group sit down, don the headsets provided, and proceeded to have Bookie put in his place one and for all.

We awaken...

A train, we are dressed in comfortable and stylish cloths. We are normal, not upgraded, no equipment, or skills. No machines or mechanical parts.

The train is stylish and expensive looking, we eat, server by attentive waiters.

A scream, a murder. Someone on the train is killed.

The body is examined, wounds, a thin knife, stabbed in the back.

Passengers are divided up searched, threatened, someone faints.

Skyslicer reaches into a pocked looking for ID, pulls out a Police identification? Flashes it around.

SOMEONE RUNS! There is a chase, short lived, knocked unconscious by a thrown piece of chair. He is searched, all we find are a small packet of drugs.

Behind, solicitous men try to help the unconscious woman, they almost pass through the cabin till someone looks closer, a knife flashes, the woman leaps up and runs but is quickly caught, the murderer is found...

We awaken...

We are dressed in rough peasant clothing, coughing blood. Others around us look about dejected, many ill, crammed into cattle cars.

We move around, exploring, more people signs these cars are indeed normally used to more animals.

At the end of the car, supplies, food and more. A group of rough men threaten, desperate to keep their spoils.

A scuffle, a cry for help, the desperate people in the other cars are raised to action and egged on to throw some of the men off the moving train.

In a pocket, Sazin finds a packet of powered, the same from the previous train? Medicine?

They take some, the coughs recede, the medicine is handed over to the others on the train who take it gratefully.

We awaken...

We are dressed in grey and black military uniforms, the smell of blood in the air and on out hands. Torture instruments and devices scattered around the car.

A radio under the desk, a voice, Bookie? Demanding, pleading for more information....

We find a part of a blood stained paper in a chest of fingers, eyes, tongues and lips. One of three

Following the worst instincts, we search the prisoners on the train, blood flows, screams echo through the carriages.

The information is found

We awaken...

Years have passed, 3? 4? We are now almost in the center of the galaxy, 1000's of years travel back to where we came from. There is no way back. Trapped.

The system is not one that could have been created naturally, 12 planets orbit at the same distance from an ancient star, and there is a life here, a lot of it, and quite a bit has noticed out arrival and approaches with malevolent intent.

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