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Man Leviathan the most dangerous game of all

Coming close to the end of the year, the village was in full swing harvesting what roots and gourds they could as well as hunting for meat to store for the winter.

Being new and/or young, our party was sent off for their first Leviathan hunt, huge plains dwelling creatures that were so large that only a few would keep the village in meat and bones for an event the worst winter.

Also being new, our group was sent as beaters, to chase some of the animals into the canyons where the other hunters would rain rocks and spears down from above and hopefully kill several.

Our party didn't take too much notice of this however, and with a few other villagers (the Snowfall brothers, and Birdsabove) they camped the night before the hunt and discussed the plan.

Taking no notice of one of the Snowfall brothers OBVIOUS ranting and signs he was not going to go along with the plan, the party came up with then plan to wing it the next day.

The next day, quickly discovering a group of animals thanks to Birdsabove's tracking abilities (again, no one queried this, OR her name) everything quickly went badly when the suspicious Snowfall brother charged and tried to attack one of the young Leviathans rather than herd them into the nearest canyon.

Degrading into a free form melee, out stoic group managed to kill one of the adult creatures while the rest scattered to the 4 winds. A poor victory however since several of the Snowfall brothers were injured, perhaps critically, and only one creature was killed rather than the 3 or 4 that was needed for the village to survive for the winter.

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