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Hex Campaign


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where we split the party... again

While Kami spent some time searching for missing villages and gathering the remaining tribe to flee their destroyed village, Cor felt a pull towards some nearby outcroppings. Vague memories that he had once been here tugging at him.

Kami handed over the one secret the now dead Shaman had asked him to keep, a small metal disk that had been found with the near dead Cor all that time ago.

Cor quickly found the area he remembered and discovered a small cave, blocked by a steel door with no apparent way to open.

After much fiddling, we discovered the metal disk was the key, and inside several old, rotting wooden crates with very little of interest except on metal artifact.

Picking it up, Cor was flooded by memories

  • Orders by a screaming man to stand up straight
  • Endless nights, marching in heavy equipment in the mud and rain
  • Cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning something that looked like the metal artifact he was now holding
  • and it's name
    A VN Type 3 Automatic Assault Rifle

He remembered. He was a soldier. And he had been betrayed.

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