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Setting the scene... we find ourselves in the remains of a destroyed space station, alarms blaring and dead everywhere.

Our valiant team immediately search the bodies for loot but while desecrating the dead, discover that the terminals that still work are repeating the same message over and over, then vanishing if anyone other than their party approaches.

+++++ attention - newly arrived mercenary team +++++
we believe we have mutual purpose and have a offer to extend you and your team
due to circumstances beyond our control the recent reduction in local assets being utilized on this entity/station has hampered our abilities in this system
we would require these assets to be returned
we can provided assistance-directions-usefulness
we are knowledgeable
there is much to be gained for both us/we in this and many future endeavors against mutual opponents
accept this as sign-offer for further complimentary actions
also accept complimentary-no return required for our limbs four (4) and sundry mining operation objects as part of offering
---- sign off R.A.T.E. ----

Accepting the offered money and key card that appeared in a hidden compartment in one of the terminals, the party descended to the hidden part of the base.

In the hidden garage, laden with dust and age old computers, someone had been busy repairing several machines including a few hover bikes, a moon buggy and a small armed assault fighter.

Also on offer was a cache of communication terminal bracelets and some one use emergency spacesuits, and orders:

+++++ directive - communication imperative - all team must attached communication bracelets +++++

Of coursed, on doing so, the bracelets burrowed into their skin and laid a selection of nanites deep in the teams heads.

End result? Instant communication between themselves and RATE... and... well I am sure that's all....

+++++ directive - multi-pass mission +++++
team 1 to approach communications tower and disable to allow further flights towards cluster
team 2 to proved air support and transport to cluster object - retrieve asset as priority

The trip to the target proved to be tricky and the convoy soon fell under attacked from the air and ground by various automated robotic sentries.

Some excellent (and poor on occasion) flying from Nymerian in the air the team fairly quickly felled the various robots and were soon on their way.

Arriving at the station however they discovered there were other species attempting to secure the beacon and apparently stop further craft from approaching the cluster.

Combat ensured, this time with less success.

Despite Decimus hacking the tower and preventing the beacon from overriding their air support and crashing it into the ground he was late in hacking and shutting down the guns and their ride was shot down out of the sky while the new lifeforms, white beings made of some sort of malleable flesh, tore Skyslicer apart and almost killed him.

Luckily, at the last second the two crashed air crew, Nymerian and Sazin reached the site after crawling, injured, from the wreckage of their ship and killed the last of the remaining Silver Orphans

Now the beacon was down, RATE was able to send new automatic shuttles to carry them towards the Cluster and their mission.

The Cluster turned out to be a massive group of ships and ship parts, collected from all over and torn apart then rebuilt into this monstrosity. Magical and Technology ships, side by side. No two pieces the same, and all made to serve the Silver Orphans needs.

The team landed on a small deserted docking area, torn from some local ship, and moved through the station directed by the RATE's words and symbols projected in their minds eyes.

Their first stop was a docking bay embedded deep within the craft, filled with Silver Orphans and danger.

Despite a deep desire to sidestep the group, their new friend warned them that the mind of Booking and the Chuppe shit was being kept here and being interrogated.

Realizing they were outnumbered and previously nearly killed by the a much smaller force, the group came up with a plan to hack the computers attacked to the space craft and activate their weapons systems.

This worked better than they could have hoped, and the chaos of an unknown attacker divided the Silver Orphans allowing them to pick them off one by one.

Despite their strategy, Sazin almost fell in battle and was temporally strapped to a cargo drone and had a large ship weapon and capacitor mounted to the front.

Still, once more Bookie was returned to them (this time shared across all four minds, linked by the communications devices) and the pressed on after Skyslicer who had pressed on, terrified of the Silver Orphans

The quickly found themselves in a cluster of rooms gathered from extremely different vessels.

Slipping past the Silver Orphans who seemed to be concentrating on the computer systems, the followed RATE's directions once more and discovered the asset they were sent to retrieve, a large container full of paper?

They also discovered some remaining robot defenders from the original ship, and... while fighting them, warned the original Silver Orphans they had slipped past.

A fun time was had by all, and some close calls, and hacked robots (who blew themselves AND the Silver Orphans up) the group was on their way towards a ship to leave the station when we discovered that Skyslicer had been drinking various bottles he had bee finding scattered around the ship and had partaken on a particularly strong Lust potion, stripped off all his clothes, dropped all his weapons and attempted to make out passionately with a Silver Orphans defender.

Being stabbed multiple times did somewhat wake him out of his fugue and the party attempted to destroy what appeared to be the last thing stopping them from leaving... but failed terribly.

A last minute attempt to hack a large cannon hanging outside on the remnant of a once powerful warship, Nymerian managed to blow a hole in the side of the ship... and everyone except Sazin got sucked out into space.....

Not wanting to leave the ENTIRE party behind in one foul swoop, Sazin? piloted the newly acquired ship to pick up the team and scarper...

Kalee Medical Abduction V

Designation: Abduction and dissection. Medical and research services

Speed: Average

Planetary: Capable. Large landing pad or area required

Weapons: Dual unpaired mid range laser banks. Single main pulse laser along primary axis

Shields: Standard

Crew: 4 Stations (Pilot, First Officer, Weapons and Engineer)

Discovering the vast medical library and machines, Nymerian then proceeded to tear off Sazin?'s legs, replace with an antigrav ripped off a bike, and add two more arms to his chest, one armed with a laser cannon..... yeah. no accounting for taste

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