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Hex Campaign


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A tense adventure after the murder of a parties members family...

We explore the location we were on our way to before being interrupted, a cave, sodden book and a technical device that slowly envelops the item in nanonite tendrils for transport.

But the cave (surprise) starts flooding as the strange tides on the planet quickly change.

While it became obvious the tine was rising faster than the book was going to be wrapped in the nanites, the group also realize there was a large collection of hungry fish slowly filling up the pool.

Thinking on their feet, they cut the rock from under the book, lifted the entire chunk, and escaped out a hole in the roof of the cave!

Those looking at the map may notice that skyslicer was missing, at the time he was taking his revenge and wrecking the laboratory on board the ship. I'm sure that will have NO consequences at ALL!

Jumping to the destination coordinates with their newly acquired book, the find the meeting location was with the Petite Jump ship Luscious Lips Larry

2 kilometers long, the the vessel carries many sentient creates eager for adventure, and was able to jump much further distances in much shorter time than the smaller ships out party was used to.

Once on board it became obvious they had some sort of VIP status and were provided with repairs and accommodation as well as tickets to the ships premier racing event, due to start the next day.

The next day they attended the event, a race between strange bio-mechanical horse likes creatures that after a while were discovered to be apparently sentient, locals on the ship who chose to inhabit a horse-hybrid body for the day to race.

After a few races, and a couple of bets the hand over was arranged in the middle of the track. Despite some misgivings, the party handed over the book to what turned out to be a fake courier and some combat ensured as they attempted to keep ownership of the book. (And there were some discussions with a large crab in the pool. No one asked him, but he was actually an avatar of the ship mind who was enjoying a day at the races)

There was some brief and almost terminal weapons fire traded, and the original courier arrived, grabbed everything and nicked off. SO everyone else left. The end ....

The next few days the group did some shopping, tried to resurrect the dead uncle by using ALL the DNA from EVERYTHING THEY APPARENTLY OWED, this didn't work.

The last event was a meeting between the courier and some interested parties asking the group to travel to the location revealed by the various historical manuscripts their benefaction had been collecting. They agreed... never even asking how far away this place was....

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